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Mode - Attribute Spring

Attribute Spring allows you to add "springy" motion to any animated attribute in Maya. You may also think of it more like a curve filter than a simulation mode.

This mode can be used to add inertia and sway to local translation, rotation or scale values, but can also have more unexpected use cases like adding some sway to light intensity or any other numeric attribute in Maya.

Currently it does not support changing vector values like Colors, but it may come in future releases.


Simulation properties

Attributes (Comma Separated)

Attributes to control with the noise. Use Maya's attribute names, one of the fast ways to check how it's spelled properly is to change the attribute and look at the output in Script Editor - it will show something like 'object_name.attribute_name'.

You can control multiple attributes by them with comas. For example: translateX,rotateX,scaleX will control translateX and rotateX attributes. Some Maya attributes have short aliases like tx,rx,sx. HINT: You can use noise to drive any numeric attributes, not just transforms!


The force with which the spring attempts to return to it's position, stiffness.

Values used in example: 0.1, 0.5, 1.0


How fast the spring comes to a resting position, slowing down and coming to a stop. Higher values will make the spring slow down faster. Lower values make it bounce around a lot.

Values used in example: 0.1, 0.5, 1.0