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Activating trial

30 day unlimited trial period of BroTools Complete Edition is available to all new users.

It includes each and every tool available. Using BroTools Complete Edition trial you can try them all, including but not limited to: BroDynamics, BroRenamer, Animation Toolbox, Tweener, IKFK Switcher, etc.

Here's how you can activate it:

  1. Download Network Installer from the website and install it
  2. In Maya go to BroTools - License Manager
  3. Enter your email
  4. Click Start Trial
  5. It may ask you to check your email to verify. Check your Inbox and Spam folders for email from [email protected], and click the Authorize button in the email
  6. Back in License Manager - click Next
  7. You will see that you now have a license of BroTools. Make sure it says "Install" next to it and click Next.
  8. Updater window will show up. Running updater is required for Network installer, it will need to download extra files for your purchased tools to work. If you're using Bundled version you may skip this step, but it is still recommended to run it.
  9. Enjoy!

Extended trial

Existing customers of BroDynamics 2.x receive extended trial period. To activate it simply use the same email that you used to purchase BroDynamics on Gumroad while activating your trial.