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Mode - Chain (nParticle)

Chain (nParticle) uses nParticles to simulate overlap and overshoot movement on an chain of objects, and is perfectly suited for tails, ears, tentacles, but can also be used to add overlap and overshoot on any other objects, even arms, torsos, heads, etc.

Out of three chain modes this produces the most reliable and expected result, is easy to work with, supports both overlap and overshoot, animation cycling and collisions. The main downside of this mode is that it has to run through the animation twice per object, meaning that it generally takes more time to finish the simulation compared to Chain (nHair) and Chain (Spring Magic) modes.

This section of documentation is under development

While I'm working on this section of documentation - Chain (nParticle) mode shares most of it's attributes with Spring (nParticle) mode, so you can refer to that one.

Goal Smoothness

Goal Weight

Time Scale

Cycle Iterations