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Overview \ What it is

Tweeener is a tool for creating in-between and breakdown poses in Maya. It offers similar functionality to the popular Tween Machine script and is a part of BroTools Complete Edition.

AnimHUD integration

Tweeener has 2 UIs, a standalone one and one integrated into AnimHUD.

AnimHUD integration is available with BroTools - Complete Bundle.


Basic usage

Select your controls you'd like to create in-between pose for, move time slider to where you'd like to create your breakdown pose and move the slider of the Tweeener UI.


Additional settings are available through the right-click menu.

Special Tick Color - the newly created keyframe tick on the timeline will have a green color

Auto Reset - Slider will reset to 0 (middle position) when released.

Overshoot - Adjusts slider values to allow you to create overshoot or anticipation poses. Slider limits are changed from -100\100 to -200\200. Values 101-200 will create an overshoot pose, while -200 -101 will create anticipation pose.

Live update - Update poses as you drag the slider, essentially gives you a live preview of a pose.

Euler Filter - Automatically apply euler filter before and after tween operation, in most cases should help achieve more predictable poses