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Mode - Chain (Spring Magic)

The Simple Chain simulation uses a fake simulation calculation. It is more predictable than Chain mode and has fewer parameters to control. It acts more like a drag\delay rather than a spring, for example it does not take inertia into account. It is similar to how SpringMagic works in 3ds max.

Comparing it to Chain mode - it does not support overshoot, as it has no inertia calculations, and it does not have Preserve Animation option.

However it does have one huge advantage over Chain mode - it can create looped simulations like in the example above, which is very helpful in gamedev.


Selection order is important for Simple Chain mode!

You need to select objects in correct order, starting from the root of your chain and all the way to the tip. "Select Hierarchy" will not work with complex rigs.


It is sometimes a good idea to add some preroll to your simulation - adding 1-3 seconds before your actual animation starts may let it settle and avoid some snaps and bugs.

Skip First N Controls

Allows you to skip a number of first controls. Results will not be baked on these, and they will not be moved by the simulation. Recommended value is 1+

You can add Wind and Collision to Simple Chain mode as well. For that you have two buttons under Simple Chain mode tab, under "Tools" dropdown.

Add Collision Capsule will add an object to the scene which you can move, resize and parent or constraint to any other object, and chain will collide with it. Add Wind will add another object to the scene which you can rotate to change wind direction, and it also has wind parameters like Frequency, Max and Min Force. These control the turbulence of the wind.